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Chinley Play Area, Derbyshire

HAGS have recently created a play area in the leafy village of Chinley in the UK. Our play designers managed to include a lot of play activities in a narrow space owing to a well thought out layout.

26/10/2018 14:47:00

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Low Bentham Village Play Area, Lancaster

HAGS have recently completed a recreational park to create an active play and social space for children. The play area has been named the Phillip Harvey Playing Field after the generous donation of land for a park by Philip Harvey around 70 years ago.

01/10/2018 16:04:00

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Perdiswell Play Area, Worcester

We have created a spitfire-themed play area boasting its own runway and varied play opportunities. Both the client and the community were thrilled!

24/09/2018 16:45:00

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The Orbit roundabout

Launched in 2011, the Orbit is one of our best-selling dynamic play items owing to its space-optimising design and great cost per user. Available in four colours, it is also packed with play value and here is why it has won the approval of many children and adults across Europe:

Orbit roundabout

The Orbit roundabout boosts social interaction and promotes inclusive play

The Orbit circular shape promotes face-to-face communication and gives children of different abilities and ages the opportunity to interact with their peers, making it a truly inclusive design. Players are able to see the look of pure delight on their friends ‘faces and they can engage in playful spinning contests, challenging each other to go faster.

Promotes excitement and positive risk-taking

Owing to the slightly tilted outer ring, the Orbit multiplies the power of centrifugal forces. When passengers reach the highest point when spinning, they can feel the full force of gravity and the effect of speed dramatically increases, making it an exhilarating play experience.

Supports children's physical development

Holding onto the fixed central ring, players use their body strength to push themselves around, spin faster or slow down, so it requires a bit of coordination and stamina and provides younger children with the opportunity to develop their motor skills. They can extend the challenge and sit astride or face outwards, thus building core stability and confidence. The rim of the outer ring provides extra grip and ensures a stable and secure sitting position.

Low-maintenance design, approved by industry professionals

The item is delivered fully assembled, saving you time and money on the assembly. The Orbit also requires low maintenance, due to durable and easy to clean materials such as stainless steel and polyethylene.

We’re not the only ones to think that the Orbit roundabout is an amazing product…We’ve sold hundreds of units around the world and in 2012 HAGS received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design category.


Orbit roundabout

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