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Clarks Village, Somerset

This King Arthur themed adventure playground aims to deliver an exciting experience for young visitors of differing abilities.

18/12/2017 15:07:00

Case Study Details

Taylor Wimpey North Midlands, Telford

HAGS worked closely with us to achieve a commercially viable project whilst not compromising on specification and engage in consultation with the Planning Authority on our behalf.

12/12/2017 15:50:00

Case Study Details

Bloor Homes (North West), Crewe

The play area equipment at Crewe was as described – excellent quality and installed brilliantly passing the ROSPA inspection at first time of asking.

12/12/2017 15:02:00

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PriceAllowed: and AreaId=7

Goal End Configuration 7

Product Number: SA-PAGE07

Product Details

Games Area Configuration 1

Product Number: SA-PAGA01

Product Details

Games Area Configuration 2

Product Number: SA-PAGA02

Product Details

Games Area Configuration 3

Product Number: SA-PAGA03

Product Details

Goal End Configuration 4

Product Number: SA-PAGE04

Product Details
  • Age Range: 5-12

Goal End Configuration 5

Product Number: SA-PAGE05

Product Details

Goal End Configuration 6

Product Number: SA-PAGE06

Product Details

Goal End Configuration 3

Product Number: SA-PAGE03

Product Details

Goal End Configuration 1

Product Number: SA-PAGE01

Product Details
  • SafetyArea (Sq Metres): 122 m2

Arena Sioux

Product Number: SA-SI

Product Details
  • SafetyArea (Sq Metres): 276 m2

Arena Lincoln

Product Number: SA-LI

Product Details
  • SafetyArea (Sq Metres): 119.5 m2

Arena Vancouver

Product Number: SA-VA

Product Details
  • SafetyArea (Sq Metres): 115.5 m2

Arena Utah

Product Number: SA-UT

Product Details
  • SafetyArea (Sq Metres): 117.25 m2

Arena Toronto

Product Number: SA-TO

Product Details
  • SafetyArea (Sq Metres): 730.5 m2

Arena San Francisco

Product Number: SA-SF

Product Details
  • SafetyArea (Sq Metres): 634 m2

Arena San Diego

Product Number: SA-SA

Product Details